History of Thrissur Diocese

The Thrissur Diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church was formed by dividing the old Kochi Diocese. This division happened in the 1980's, long after the court cases were initiated in the Church by the Metran Kakshis. It is evident in itself that the formation of the Thrissur Dioceses was the sole decision of the Jacobite Church.

The Thrissur Diocese got its first independent Metropolitan in December 1990, when Yuhanon Mor Militios was ordained by HH Ignatius Zakka I Patriarch, the Supreme Head of the Church in Damscus. The faithful of Thrissur diocese rejoiced for having got a shepherd to lead and guide them. The Jacobite Church rejoiced for having got a young Bishop with a proven track record. Having got another eminent Scholar Thomas Mor Athanasios ordained just a few months earlier for the Kandanad Diocese, the Church experienced a new confidence and placed a lot of hopes on thse two young Metropolitans.

Having been a potege of HG Thomas Mor Divannasios Metropolitan ( HB Baselios Thomas I Catholicose ) and his theological education at Bangalore and in Syria having been supported by the Church, Milithios was expected to be obedient to the Church which made him everything what he is.

Everything went well until 1995 when he spearheaded the litigation on behalf of the Jacobite Church. He was the person who explained to us the Court Verdict which had so many favorable points in our favor. He vehemently stood for the independence of the Parish churches.

But then something went wrong..

He suddenly felt great love for the Metran Kakshis and their ideals. And he left the Church which made him everything expecting and hoping for wonders to happen once he joined the Metran Kakshis

Though Milithios tries to justify his action claiming that he stood for Unity, It is not a secret today that it was pure ego which guided Militios (and his likes) to Devalokam. Anyway, that was his personal decision. The situation in his diocese and wherever he has interfered proves how holy the decision of Miitios was.

But, Militios has never explained how does taking the church properties, which were kept under his care and which were built by the Jacobites for their use become a part of his unilateral unity decision. The Bishop's House and property at mannuthy was not bought by Milithios using his money or money from Murimakkil. It was got and built by the money of the Jacobites.

When Milithios was ordained, the Thrissur diocese had 37 Churches. Much earlier, a piece of land was purchased at Mannuthy, just outside Thrissur to build the diocesan center. The title deed for the same was registered on Oct 18th 1985.


Please find below the copy of the title deed.

It is crystal clear from the title deed in whose name was this land registered and for what purpose. Please go through the highlighted parts. The land was registered in the name of HG Thomas Mor Divannasios ( HB Baselios Thomas I catholicose ) for the Jacobite Church under His Holiness The Patriarch of Antioch.


See below the Tax receipt of the Mannuthy property..


The mention is again that the tax being paid for this property is by our Catholicose.

The Bishop's house that Milithios built here was using the money of the Jacobites and through the money got from our Gulf Parish visits. There is not a single penny brought from Devalokam which was used either for buying the property or for building the 'Gethsemen' there. But still shamelessly it has become a Metran Kakshi property today.

Milithios took a 180 degree turn and has become a bigger Metran kakshi than the original Metran Kakshis. He was their strongest spokesperson until he was sidelined by his new masters. He used

every opportunity to ridicule and persecute the church that made him everything just to enter the good books of the Metran Kakshis. He filed cases against the poor members of the Thrissur diocese to throw them out of the parishes which they built with their money and efforts just because they did not follow his example and refused to suddenly call their neighbour as their father.

The sad scenes in one of the parishes of Thrissur dioceses where this Milithios created problems during the funeral of a faithful of the Jacobite Church will never be forgotten.

He had no shame in claiming that " I was born as a member of the Orthodox Church and I was ordained as a deacon in the Orthodox Church" just to please his new masters.

He had no shame in saying " Even while I was part of the erstwhile patriarch faction, I never used either in my letter head or in my diocese the name Jacobite".. But Milithios , The property on which you are staying has been registered in the name 'Jacobite Church' and the tax is being paid for the same property by the same 'Jacobite Church'.

We suggest Milithios to check the Jacobite Sunday School books, for which YOU made the syllabus and approved the contents. It may enlighten you about the name "Jacobite".

He has no shame in claiming that " I was very much in personal relation with the Patriarch of Antioch H.H. Ignatius Zakka I and I still respect him and love him " after hysterically shouting againt the same Patriarch in front of the media and ridiculing His Holiness.

He has no shame in mocking the Jacobite Church as 'Association Church ' while forgetting that it he was a part of that Association and that it was that association which elected him to become a Bishop.

He has no shame in challenging the Jacobite Church and its Catholicose while we have still not forgotten the same Milithios challenging Nariman and the Metran kakshis at a mammoth rally in Cochin.

He belongs to a category of creatures that will vomit and later if situation demands, the same vomit is eaten back.

Milithios tried a lot to please his new masters by cheating and persecuting the church that gave him everything.

He badmouthed the same Patriarch who made him 'MY LORD (Mor ) ' Milithios. He did not hesitate to ridicule his mentor, HB Baselios Thomas I to confirm his position among the Metran Kakshis. He tried his best to throw out the parishioners from the churches built by them by force and intimidation. The same Milithios who explained to us in 1995 that the Parish churches are independent as per the SC verdict has now become a spokesperson for the gang who are out to capture the Jacobite Churches.

He instigated old Mathews II against Fr. Mannarpra to get a foothold for himself in Thrikkunnathu Seminary. He encouraged Mathews II to take a rally and "offer prayers” in Manarcad Church.

Because there was a dearth for villages and mission fields in and around Thrissur, he extended his mission activities to the affluent and well to do Syrian immigrants in California. He created a virus by the name Gurgan in Thrissur which has grown on to bite back its very mentors. In both these cases the only emotion that guided him was to encourage a rebel group within the Syrian Orthodox Church and thus cause pain to the very people who made him what he is today. He is a betrayer.



To Milithios...

you were a bright star in the Syrian Jacobite Church... But so great has been your fall - Spiritually and Morally.

Now our request, rather demand is this..

The Bishop's house and the property on which you are staying belong to the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. The title deed given above proves it beyond any doubt.

If you have a little more shame left in you.... get out of our property. It belongs to the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church and its faithful.

We hope that there are still some emotions left in you which differentiate a human from animals.

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